3L Blog Post Term 4 Week 9

  Good evening 3L parents,  We have done it! Another school year down! (well in four more days...) It has been the biggest pleasure teaching your children and thank you for always supporting me. These kids are so lucky to have such awesome parents. You should be so proud of them and what they have achieved. It will be sad for the year to end but I know they are looking forward to an exciting.. or restful.. holiday. Thank you once again for a wonderful year 💜 We will start sending books home in the next day or so, so please send a spare bag or two to help with carrying your child's work. Final week reminders End of Year Christmas Concert   -  is on tomorrow night (Tuesday) beginning at 6pm. Students should be in class at 5:40pm and they will walk down with the rest of the class. Seats will be at a premium and it may get a bit breezy so plan ahead. Library books and readers  -  You should have received a message from Mrs Kemp about checking for readers and library books at home.  Pl

3L Blog Post Term 4 Week 8

  Hi 3L parents,  2 weeks to go!! I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of the school year... wowee.  Just a few important notes for the remainder of the term: Homework There is no more homework for this year! woohoo! Thank you for all the hard work you put in this year with completing the tasks with your child. We are still working them hard during class time so enjoy the afternoons in the sunshine!!  Christmas Concert The Christmas Concert is taking place next Tuesday 7th December. It commences at 5:30pm, so please ensure that your child is here at 5:15pm. Your child will be  required to attend their classroom by 5:15pm and will walk down as a class, while you can find a nice spot on the hill. Year 3  End of Year   Concert  Dress   The theme for the end of year  concert  dress is ‘Casual  Christmas  Wear ’.   Christmas   colours , t-shirts   and  Christmas   accessories are all   perfect for the occasion.   The Year   3’s   are   also   welcome   to add some hip-hop flair to

3L Blog Post Term 4 Week 5

Good afternoon parents and welcome to week 5! I hope you have all had a lovely start to your week! I cannot believe we are half way through the term... it is almost the end of the year...  Stop Motion In art this term we are learning about and creating stop motion movies.  Students have created story boards outlining what they intend filming and as such know what characters they will need.  Please support your child to remember the characters they will  need to commence filming this Wednesday.  Students may like to bring small figures such as lego to represent the characters of their movies. Pupil Free day: A reminder that there is a pupil free day on Friday 12 November. The staff will be creating our School Improvement Plan for 2022, work on our school Vision for learning, analyse our NAPLAN and PAT test data and school strategic plan. Remembrance Day: On Thursday 11 November at 11am we will hold a special ceremony, led by Mr Jones’ Year 5 class to remember all those who have died in

3L Blog Post Term 3 Week 8

  Hi 3L parents,  Happy Tuesday! I hope all the super star dads had a wonderful Father's Day. My Dad was pretty happy with lasagne for lunch and is thoroughly enjoying his new air pods, as he can now listen to his footy podcasts in silence and not out loud.  There are a few reminders for this week: School Photos Our class photo will be this Thursday (9th September). The students are to come dressed in their full school uniform and then they can change into their sport shoes for their sport lesson which will be after the photo. Please make sure they arrive to school in their full uniform, no sports uniform. Family photos will be on Friday (10th September).  Excursion Today our excursion note will be handed out. Please read through the information and return the slips by Friday 10th September. If you have any questions just flick me an email 😊 Research  Thank you for taking the time out of your weekends to complete the students research task on their Australian place. They have prod

Australian Place Writing Plan

Hi Parents,  Happy long weekend! I hope you were all looking forward to it as much as I was. Thank you for your support this week and coming in to see your child's wonderful work!  We are starting a new writing research piece next week and would love the students to do a bit of work on it before we start writing in class.  I had a few people mention that they needed a new planning sheet.  If you find that you need a new one, you can access it by clicking  here .  The plan can then be either printed or drawn on a blank piece of paper.   These plans are due back Wednesday 2nd September, so the kids have loads of time to work through the dot points.  Please note that we are just wanting notes, not full sentences for each dot point .  They have written a few information reports already and know the process of how we plan. The reports will be written in class. Have a wonderful week and ensure that you relax 💛 Miss Lombardi 

3L Blog Post Term 3 Week 6

Good evening parents,  I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the week and are keen for our pupil free day!  Just a few messages for this week:      Student Uniform     Dear Parents, the staff and admin will be paying particular attention to the students uniform and standard of dress from now on. This includes your child wearing the correct uniform on the correct day,  i.e.  only wearing  sport  uniform on  sport  days. This also includes wearing the correct socks and neat and tidy hairstyles. Please ensure you check your child before they attend school.    Seesaw     Thank you to those families that have connected to the  SeeSaw   families  app since the start of the term. If you need another copy of the link or code, please let me know and I can email it to you.    Homework   We have decided not to set specific spelling, mental maths and homework grid this week as it is a disrupted week.  We do encourage you to continue reading with your child this week. Stationary and supplies

3L Blog Post Term 3 Week 5

  Hi 3L parents,  I hope you have had a wonderful Monday! I am loving this sunshine. 🌞 Just a few reminders for this week:    Health Unit As part of the Keeping Safe Program (Protective Behaviours), we are beginning to look at the concept of  public and private   in the coming weeks. This includes looking at public and private places and then will move into looking at private body parts. In this health unit, the formal names for the male and female private body parts will be used to explain that parts of our bodies are private from others.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me and I can give you specific details about what will be talked about.  Seesaw     Thank you to those families that have connected to the  SeeSaw   families  app since the start of the term. If you need another copy of the link or code, please let me know and I can email it to you.    This week there has been Science and Reading uploaded.  Homework   Homework this week includes spellin