3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 10

Good Evening Parents,  Happy Sunday! I hope you all had the best weekend, after a very busy week. ⭐ I have had my family down for the weekend, so it was lovely to spend some time with them... oh and my two whippets! 🐶 Congratulations again to our Sacrament students. What a special night their First Reconciliation was. It was very beautiful to see Beau come along to support Luca on Wednesday night. Along with Beau, thank you to our prayer buddies Kate, Sienna and Lakhari who joined us at last nights mass. Our other class members have been super amazing in supporting the Sacrament students during our in class preparation.  We are so lucky to have such amazing kids!  Cross Co untry  Congratulations to all students on their Cross Country! Sienna and Jett.... well done out on the track... I would definitely  not be able to keep up. Despite the long run, there were smiles all round. I have posted some photos to Seesaw (if you need a new code, please let me know).  Dance  Rehearsals Hi Famil

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 9

Good afternoon 3L parents,   Welcome to Week 9 where we shine! 😎 I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. 🌞 Mumma CC and I watched North Melbourne embarrass me again…not even she could she help us win against GWS. 🦘 This week we must focus on getting enough rest and sleep. It is a busy time for teachers, parents and students so I am appreciating the kids being kind on me this week! I cannot wait for them to share their reports with you.  Here are a few important reminders for Week 9: Reconciliation Wednesday evening 3L Candidates will be making their reconciliation. We have been practicing what to do and say for a while now, but the Candidates have brought home booklets to practice one last time.  The service will commence at 5pm at the Our Lady of the Southern Cross church.  We will have a short prayer service, examination of conscience and then the students will have their turn to speak with Father and receive the Sacrament. This service is f

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 8

Good Morning parents,  Welcome to a very short and beautiful week 8! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I went up to Perth to spend some time with my family, which was lovely. Along with going to the Dreamtime game where I almost lost my voice cheering for the Bombers on behalf of Mr Lee. 🏉 There seems to be some hidden talent in our 3L class... you should see some of these footy kicks that occur during lunchtime. Shoutout to Tom for being my partner in the footy kicking comp... too bad we didn't quite make the finals but well done to Phoenix for making it in!!!  Here are some reminders for the week: Homework As it is a short week, there will be spelling and reading to complete.  Reconciliation  On Wednesday 16th June, Catholic students from 3L will be receiving The Sacrament of Reconciliation. Please keep these students in your prayers as they begin to reflect on their good and not so good choices.  On Saturday 19th June, all year 3L students will be required to attend our R

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 7

  Hi Parents,  Welcome to Week 7! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend ☔ Our Learning Spelling: Focusing on the 'ar' for star  Writing: Continuing with book reports. Students are moving into writing their second independent one where they have been given a the option to choose their own favourite novel or picture book.  Maths: Formal Algorithm strategy in multiplication  Friendology: Ask your child about what a 'Friendship Sandwich' is! It can be a pretty troublesome thing for kids to mana ge and work out what to do when they are caught between two of their friends.  National Reconciliation Week  In class and the wider school community we have been learning about what National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week means for all Australians. It is an important conversation that we must continue to have with our children. In 3L, we looked at what the word sorry meant, not only in a general way but what it means to the Indigenous Australians. The OLC students and staff did

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 6

Hi Families,  Welcome to Week Six! I hope everyone is staying nice and warm on these rainy days ☔ Our Learning this week: Spelling: "oa" for boat Writing: Book Reports →Students will be writing their Book Report this week. We encourage that they bring in a picture book or novel that they have been reading at home or one that interests them. Please ensure if they wish do bring in their own that bring in on Wednesday.  Maths: Multiplication Strategies  Digital Techonologies: Choose your own adventure  Science: Physical Sciences and how heat changes Health: Strategies on how to manage those warning signs  Friendology: Friendship Fires v Being Mean on Purpose  Further Reading → Here are a few reminders for the week:  OLC Celebrates National Sorry Day – Bring a T Shirt! Wednesday the 26th May marks National Sorry Day and Thursday the 27th marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. These are important date

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 5

Good evening parents,  Welcome to week five, where we will thrive! I hope you all had a great weekend and got to relax.  This week we are moving into book reviews in writing and we are working on multiplication and division in maths.  We will start looking at conductors and insulators in science, while in Digital Technology we are beginning our 'Choose your own adventure' books. We are focusing on exploring healthy and unhealthy friendships in Friendology . The link attached can help us navigate through these friendship fires that our children may be going through. There will be Friendology Club being held every Tuesday in 2W where I will be to offer students a safe space to play engage in different friendship activities.  Links: Geographe free dress Congratulations to Geographe who were the Week 5 token tally winners! You get to wear free dress on Friday the 21st

3L Blog Post Term 2 Week 4

Hi families,  Happy Week 4! ⭐ I hope all our beautiful Mums had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday 🎕 I know the kids would of made you a lovely breakfast in bed and filled your day with love and cuddles.  We have had a fabulous first few weeks of the term and the students performed perfectly at our prayer assembly. I am still sooooo proud of them, I hope you enjoyed their performance as much as I did!  Today we have had a new student join our 3L clan, his name is King. The kids have been warm and welcoming. He is a great addition to our class.  NAPLAN  - This begins tomorrow and the schedule is to run as per the email previously sent by admin:   Tuesday 11 th  of May – Writing Wednesday 12 th  of May – Reading Monday 17 th  of May – Conventions of Language Tuesday 18 th  of May – Numeracy I want to the students to focus on trying their best and that is all that I ask of them during this NAPLAN period. They are all superstars and it is just a little test that we have to do.  Wheeli